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Mother tongue tuition

Mother tongue tuition is a separate subject in school. The subject has a set curriculum, and the objective is for the child to pursue his/her normal school studies while developing a bilingual identity and proficiency. Teachers of mother tongue languages often share a common cultural background with the children they teach. Teachers of mother tongue languages must also have a good command of the Swedish language and good knowledge of Swedish society.

Who can receive mother tongue tuition?

All students who speak another language at home are entitled to mother tongue instruction. Adopted children are also entitled to instruction in their mother tongue, even if that language is not spoken at home. However, students must have basic proficiency in the mother tongue language in order to receive instruction in that language. There must be at least five students enrolled for mother tongue instruction in the respective language in the municipality and there must be a suitable teacher.

What are the national minority languages?

Speakers of Sami, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish), Romany, Finnish and Yiddish have greater entitlement with respect to mother tongue tuition. The above are exempt from the requirement that the mother tongue is the language normally used at home. The municipality is required to arrange mother tongue instruction in all national minority languages, even if there are fewer than five students. Students must have basic proficiency in the mother tongue language.

How do you apply for a place for your child?

Application forms are available at the school's reception desk and may be downloaded from our website. The completed application form should be sent to the school or directly to Resursteamet modersmål.

Mother tongue tuition is voluntary and is mainly provided outside of normal school hours. Once the student is registered, participation is compulsory. If the student wishes to discontinue mother tongue studies, the guardian must apply for exemption. The subject is graded in the same way as other school subjects.

More information is available on Skolverket's website, modersmal.skolverket.seexternal link, opens in new window



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