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Fees and regulations

In Upplands-Bro we have a so-called maximum fee. This fee is calculated on the basis of the household's collective pre-tax income.

A household is either a single-parent household or one in which both parents/guardians reside. Parents/guardians may be married or common-law (unmarried) couples who live together and

  1. have or have had children together or
  2. are registered as residing at the same address

Couples may also include persons living in a homosexual relationship and who are registered as residing at the same address. Household income is calculated on the basis of the income of both parties, regardless of whether both are guardians/biological parents of the child/children registered for daycare placement. The child's guardian is required by law to provide information about the partner's income.

All taxable income must be included, e.g.:

  • Salary and other remuneration from employment
  • Family daycare providers' fees
  • Pension (not child pension)
  • Life annuity payments (with some exceptions)
  • Childcare allowance comprising compensation (compensation for additional expenses not included)
  • Sickness benefits
  • Unemployment benefit payments
  • Cash labour-market support
  • Study allowance for labour-market training
  • Family allowance in the form of family benefit payments
  • Income from active and/or passive business activity*

*Income tax regulations are very complicated with regard to income from business activity. Regulations concerning the maximum fee state that the surplus from income of business activity is to be included in the household's gross income. This means that taxable reserves are not included. Therefore, only the income from active and/or passive business activity entered into the income tax declaration form is included in the household's collective income.

Not counted as income:

  • Housing allowance
  • Child allowance
  • Income support
  • Maintenance support
  • Student aid (allowance)



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